Civil Disobedience

In light of our horrific presidential election campaigning some of the press speculated that with Hillary’s inauguration there will be protests and an almost complete gridlock of government legal activities. They are correct to be concerned on both counts, protests at the inauguration and aggressive efforts to block Hillary’s government programs.

For the first time I’ve read e-mails, twitter’s, etc. asking the question; what can we do to voice our refusal to accept Hillary’s authority as President of our country. There has also been suggestions of a disruption of the inaugural process. This expressions of interest in protesting the election of Hillary and an effort to fight her government programs caused me to look at civil disobedience for what it really is.

First I found at least a dozen different definitions of civil disobedience. The one I chose to go with is; the refusal to obey certain laws or governmental demands for the purpose of influencing legislation or government policy, characterized by the employment of such nonviolent techniques as boycotting, picketing, and nonpayment of taxes.

Let’s eliminate the nonpayment of taxes as a consideration it would mean just too much time in court with little hope of winning the argument. The key phrase is “nonviolent” and it must be obeyed or there will be arrests, fines and jail time with little hope of “changing” the debate about the newly elected president’s role in our society for the next four years.

Basically we are left with protesting at the inauguration, congressional sessions and Supreme Court sessions.

The first opportunity and the most obvious target for those that spurn the political machine known as the Clinton family is the inauguration the target with the most potential for coverage by the press. The other protests at congress and the Supreme Court can be under-covered by the press to the point that the average citizen won’t even be aware of the frustrations of people who are diametrically opposed to the policies of the “Hillary” administration. The inauguration will be covered worldwide and love or hate Hillary everyone will be watching. The Clinton leaning press will not be able to hid the anger with the administration It therefore makes sense that a strong visual/vocal protest at the inauguration makes the biggest impact of the minds and hearts of the U.S. public.

Still there are questions about how to make civil disobedience function in a non-violent fashion.

First this protest must be without an organized leadership. They do not want any one person or group claiming to speak for them and they do not want to give the government a target for arrest in hopes that taking the leadership down will kill the protest.

The way that appears to be most impactful for the protesters would be for everyone who wants to demonstrate to make contact via social media. It is clear social media is the most powerful medium available and the quickest format for organizing political actions. What the protesters will need to do is target arrival at the inauguration the day of the event and leave the same night. The protesters will have to rough it in that they will not be booked into hotels, etc. and therefore there will not be a “paper” trail when the government looks to file charges against individuals since no organizations are considered responsible for the protest. Next the protesters via social media need to select a color [neon orange is an excellent example] and buy a tape that is easily removable from your clothing and put it on when you have selected a spot along the inaugural parade and the location for the actual ceremony. It should be an objective to bring one million protesters to the ceremony and have each one with easily destroyed banners protesting the “Hillary history” of lying, deceit and political contradictions. When the ceremony is over dispose of the banners and the tape you used to mark yourself as a protester into a garbage bag and dump same on the way out of Washington D.C.

Above all do not engage in any violent acts and if you are attacked by Hillary supporters run don’t walk to the nearest exist to avoid being hurt and having to defend yourself.

What you could expect from a successful protest, a lot! Millions of U.S. citizens would be aware of the size of the protest against Hillary’s election and send a signal that she is going to have to be an exceptional President of our country if she expects to pull together such a clearly polarized populist.

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