For conservative citizens of this country now is the time to prepare for the Clinton administration. If you believe in a smaller less intrusive federal government, reducing the massive federal debt, foreign and immigration policies that put this country first it is time to take a stand. If you believe in a conservative Supreme Court, rejecting a “politically correct” mass media take action. If you believe in creating a new, strong conservative message and supporting a new group of candidates for public office you need to unite now. These are easy words to say and difficult tasks to undertake but there is no alternative if you have a real concern about the governing of this country.

The first step in achieving these lofty goals and objectives is to “get active” in the political system. The logical first step is to attend Republican party county and state meetings and become an active member nominating and voting for candidates. Purge those in the local party who have waffled on the key issues mentioned above and target local and state offices with a new crop of conservative candidates. Finding these candidates will require looking to the left and the right of you in a meeting and even to yourself to make the commitment to run for public office with clearly defined objectives and goals.

If you find the Republican party repulsive you can take the same steps with the Libertarians but do not attempt to start a new party, use the mechanisms of an existing party to create a new more forceful movement. Try hard to break the “old boy” network at the top of any party and force the party to recognize as the anchor said in the movie “Network” I’m mad as hell and I won’t put up with it anymore!

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