To supporters of Hillary Clinton

After a considerable number of conversations with supporters of Hillary for President I’ve come to some interesting conclusions.

First, it is clear that the majority of supporters for Hillary are aware that she has a history of lying to further her family and political goals. It is also clear that these supporters are not the least bit hesitant to supporter her in this election in spite of this personality flaw. Most supporters go with the “of two bad choices I pick Hillary because she is closer to my beliefs about how the federal government should be run.” These supporters do not spend time on the “issues” of the election and do not pretend to believe that the promises made by Hillary to Bernie Sanders to break up the banks will ever be kept. Further they don’t believe she wants to as she says to “fix” Obamacare but rather she wants universal health care. This is part of the point she made in a speech to a South American business conference when she said just as President Lincoln had a public and private point of view she has a public position and a private point of view and one might conclude the public will never know which position she is pursuing.

Let’s face it Hillary supporters, you have little assurance that she will do anything you would hope should happen and you have the added issue of her legacy being in jeopardy before she has even served her first day in office. Why? Because the torrent of e-mails exposing her and her staff’s questionable actions will continue long after she wins the presidential election. If the democrats win the senate race she will be protected from the federal investigations but there is another factor, the press. It is clear the mainstream media is in the pocket of the Clinton/democrat party but you must remember these are individuals doing the reporting and one of two of them will jump on an obvious illegal or immoral act of the Clinton campaign exposed in the thousands of e-mails out there to enhance their own careers.

It is not unreasonable to believe that on the international scene the ethical questions raised about Hillary and her team in the e-mail dumps will color the dealings with her by the world powers. She could be starting in a big hole and it could embolden leaders like Putin to disrespect her on the international scene. Image Hillary secretly invites Putin to the U.S. for meetings on issues both countries are concerned about. Supposing that Putin says no thanks to meeting and then goes public saying he has been invited by Hillary but doesn’t believe she can be trusted based on the exposure from her e-mails.

In any case as a supporter of Hillary you should remember that even with a landslide victory in the 2016 there are approximately 22 million dedicated voters out of 57 million total voters who will oppose Hillary’s policies at every turn and even with the press in the Clinton administration’s pocket international reporters will note the unrest in the country and the lack of trust by a large block of the American public. Earlier I predicted that Hillary will not run for a second term claiming health issues but the real reason will be her inability to accomplish any of her major objectives and goals.

It is hardly a legacy Hillary or the democrat party will be proud of and that means it isn’t a legacy our country will be proud of. Do you as supporters of Hillary believe you can help her achieve a different outcome?

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