A purpose

I think you need to be above a certain age or with some significant health issues to understand this article. Because I’m older and have some health issues my day to day ritual is set by my morning routine.

I get up and the first thing I do after making a cup of coffee is to go to my pill box to note what day it is and empty the appropriate days’ pills into my hand trying not to spill one of the 14 pills I take on to the floor. I mention this because it happens quit frequently given the reduced feelings in my hands brought on by the aging process. The pill box is actually a seven-day box with each of the days printed clearly on the connected chambers and there-in lies my story.

I cannot help note as I approach my pill box how quickly the days are going by and how little I’m accomplishing each passing day. In fact, the days seem to be racing by and coupled with little in the form of accomplishments it reminds me that my life is slipping away.

There is however one thing I can do and that is vote [absentee in my case.] I don’t believe my age gives me any special insights into issues or candidates but I can’t deny my experience in business and with my family gives me a point of view on people and issues.

First I don’t believe that the federal government has any obligation to feed, house or supply health care for me or my family. Simply stated I believe the people are in better shape when the government is less intrusive, entitlements are minimized, taxes reduced so that the individuals retain the vast majority of their earnings. I believe that trade agreements that open the door for the movement of company manufacturing from our cities are wrong. I believe a strong military is the responsibility of the federal government above all others responsibilities. I believe flooding the country with unvetted immigrants is contrary to the interest of all U.S. citizens. However immigrants with talents that will contribute to the good of our economy and our people should be welcomed after thorough vetting. I believe that candidates when elected should keep the legislative promises they pledged when they were running for office. I believe the only term limits needed are those determined by the voters when they decide if the candidate preformed as promised. I believe we need to do a much better job as voters of recruiting and promoting individuals for public office. I believe that as a people we have become lethargic regarding our responsibilities as a voter and supporter of candidates and ideas. As a nation of rich mixed heritages we have recently become lazy in determining our own objectives, goals and responsibilities. I can only hope that if anyone reading this thinks as I do that they will exercise their right and responsibility to vote. God or someone or something better help us if we abandon the privilege of voting intelligently.

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