Be careful of “Our Revolution”

Bernie Sanders marshalled 22 million votes in the primary as a serious challenge to Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president in 2016. Bernie was to bring together a primarily younger disenchanted group of people who for the most part have never voted, either because they were too young or just couldn’t be bothered. This group was also peppered with different races and ethnic backgrounds, the proverbial mixing bowl that America is best known for. Bernie’s message was magic; take back the ideals of America from the politicians and press for benefits that help the lower income and middle class families. At 75 Bernie would have been the oldest U.S. president ever elected and yet his strength and support comes from young potential voters. There were and are other supporters, all frustrated by the bog known as the Washington swamp. It’s simple, the administration, any administration in Washington seems to be unable to enact laws or for that matter implement laws that benefit the “every man” we so frequently reference when complaining about how slow our government is to make effective and efficient changes in the process. Somehow Bernie was and still is able to communicate with his ideas for a new world of political freedom.

It is not unreasonable to believe that Bernie will be a major force in the democrat parties plans for 2018 and later. Of course before this goes too far remember who and what Bernie is.

First Bernie is not now and only for one actual election before the 2016 presidential race been a democrat. He is and has always been a socialist. If you followed his Website, you would also know that before four years ago he was according to his own words a communist. Bernie is a native Brooklyn New York and raised in a modest neighborhood filled with liberal organizations and socially driven community groups. Bernie maintained his socialist values and until four years ago when he dropped his references as a communist advocated a type of political overthrow of the U.S. government.

Bernie success with the democrat party primary in this election has given him hope that he will be able to mold a new group, more than a splinter group, a whole new movement. Two days after the presidential election was decided by Hillary’s concession call to Donald Trump Bernie announce to his 22 million plus supporters that he has started a new registered movement called “Our Revolution.” This is an actual organization or at least Bernie intends it to be. In his first communications seeking support from his 22 million base he was surprised to see very little support, financially or otherwise. He has quietly regrouped seeking a new strategy to motivate his 22-million-person base but he hasn’t given up the “Our Revolution” organization.

Let me suggest that before you sign up for “Our Revolution” and that nice old man Bernie Sanders take a look at what he represents and wants for your country.

Bernie wants to implement a program that eliminates income inequality, an advocate of democrat socialism, looks to Nordic model of social democracy, tuition-free universities, reducing or eliminating student debt, document 11 million immigrates, 15$ minimum wage plus overtime for part-time workers. Of course the problem with Bernie’s ambitious plans is he has no practical way to pay for them.

The liberal left is the most vulnerable right now, defeated by a populist candidate after expecting the “old reliable” to stay in power. Democrats know they have to do something “different” but they just don’t know what it is. We must hope that they don’t fall for the “Our Revolution” organization or any part of the feel happy plans Bernie is advocating. Simply stated socialism doesn’t and hasn’t worked in any part of the world and it won’t work here.

Think outside the box

In my fifty years plus of advertising, marketing and media experience I’ve never seen a phrase “think outside the box” that has been so totally misused and abused.

In marketing the advertising agency or marketing company prefers the introduction of a new campaign with the “think outside the box” or “new paradigm” phrase to get the clients full attention. Not incidentally clients are constantly calling on their service agencies to provide….you guessed it, thinking outside the box. This rush for something new frequently leads to wasted expenditures under the heading, new media, the rush to “new” justifies huge expenditures and often failures, but mostly just failures.

Today we are living with the media reporting world in a small state of panic because they were wrong about the 2016 presidential polling data and worse they were not able to influence the voter or at least enough of the voters to view Trump as a nut case loser. In the self-analysis the media is going through now they are desperate to make certain they don’t look stupid or ignorant again, you pick the adjective that best reflects their incompetence in analyzing data and building in the assumptions they must use to reach their preferred results.

Today I heard at least two “reporters,” “pundits” say they had to create a “new paradigm” or start “thinking outside the box” in analyzing political polling and reporting.

Based on my considerable experience with new paradigms and thinking outside the box projects I caution the news media to pass on these clichés and stick with reporting the truth unobstructed by your personal opinions. And if God Forbid Trump performs as he promises report it and if he fails report that, it will help your profession regain some respect after your dismal performance in the 2016 presidential reporting effort.

Draft Time

In major league sports it is the norm to start trading players or in some cases releasing a player at the end of a season. I think the same thing should apply for news casters and pundits. The presidential election is over, the congress is a lame duck session, what better time to make some trades and some cuts.

First let’s suggest a three-way trade, Megan Kelly to CNN with Anderson Cooper moving from CNN to full time at CBS. Anderson currently does segments on 60 Minutes and occasional specials. John Dickerson from CBS to Fox News to replace Megan Kelly, giving another liberal a chance on Fox with a greater likelihood of success because John is lower key and warmer than Kelly is.

Some releases; Joy Reid and Tamron Hall with Tamron being released from her role on The Today show as well. There is nothing NBC can do about Al Sharpton since he has a no cut contract with Comcast but keeping him on Sunday morning at 7 a.m. is a pretty good job of burying him although moving him to 6 a.m. is a consideration. Another consideration might be a trade of Martha Raddatz to CNN but she seems to be making a run at George Stephanopoulos on Sunday morning and I think she will knock him off. Of course George is secure in his ABC morning show unless Michael Strahan decides he just doesn’t like him in which case George will retire.

Look there are a lot more trades and releases to consider like Chuck Todd if he doesn’t choose to run the DNC or dumping the entire “With All Due Respect” team on MSNBC. Actually I’d rather read your recommendations for trades and terminations. Write me at my e-mail address, and let me know what your selections you have made for trade or release. Generally mainstream media is a candidate for the swamp cleaning the President elect has suggested for the Washington political elite.

Pressure on Electoral College Electors

A friend of mine has been posted as one of Michigan’s Electoral College electors and has received numerous e-mails urging him to use his vote for Hillary Clinton. As you probably know that while the electors are supposed to vote for the candidate that won the state’s electoral college vote they are not required to do so. Of course historically electors do cast their vote as required by the voting results but I understand that in at least one case in past history the elector voted against wishes of the voters of his state but I don’t know what happened to that elector if anything. Meanwhile my friend the elector believes that this may be an organized effort by someone like George Soros since he has literally received 100’s of e-mails like the one below. Note I left the identity of the sender on the document so that if any reporters want to question this individuals motivations they can do so.

From: Gena Berglund
Date: November 14, 2016 at 6:34:05 PM EST
To: Gena Berglund
Subject: this unprecedented election

Hi, I am writing to you to ask you to reconsider your pledge as an elector in 2016.

It was with a heavy heart that I and countless other Americans watched the projected outcome of this election. We watched as a candidate endorsed by the KKK, supported by Neo-Nazis and the Alt-Right, secured a victory that few thought possible. Countless photos have been circulating the Internet of people in tears, looks of despair and hopelessness on their faces. These are not sore losers. These are people who now fear for their lives, as a Trump presidency validates the views of extremists.

This is not what our country should look like.

Donald Trump was never expected to make it as far as he did; polls and media outlets predicted an easy win for Hillary Clinton. Now we face the reality of seeing him in the White House and a large portion of America is in a panic. We’re protesting, volunteering, and rallying together, but we can’t do this alone. What I ask of you now is to reconsider your pledge.

A win for Trump goes beyond the battlefield of Republican versus Democrat. A win for Trump condones the behavior he has displayed over the course of his campaign. His insults toward women, his blatant mockery of the disabled, and his malicious attempts to spread fear and hatred of minorities—these are things that anyone with an ounce of decency understands to be wrong. Trump is living proof that there is no reason to be ashamed of hatred; he has made people believe that racism, sexism, Islamophobia, and homophobia are simply a byproduct of integrity.

In the days following his projected win, there have been accounts of swastika graffiti, black people being told to move to the back of the bus, Muslim women setting aside their hijabs in fear of their lives, individuals who once openly celebrated their sexuality going back into hiding, and men boasting that they can now “do whatever they want” to women. I can only imagine this behavior will worsen once he’s in the White House. Trump’s call for unity is too little too late after a campaign built upon degradation and fear mongering. The public has seen that not only is this behavior acceptable, but it can be rewarded with the highest position of power.

When it comes time to cast your vote, I urge you to consider the public’s opinion. Over half of the voters want to see Hillary Clinton in the White House, and due to an outdated system, the wants and needs of the American people are in danger of being misrepresented. Please do not allow this flawed system to guarantee a place for such a dangerous man in the White House.

Thank you for your time.

Gena Berglund
Saint Paul, Minnesota

It is clear the liberal/progressives are bitter but this may be carrying it a bit too far.


With the loss of the presidency, senate and house the democrat party finds itself in total disarray. The big hope is that the DNC can bring the party back to life. The big political prize at the moment is the chairmanship of the democrat National Committee. Clearly the leader for the DNC chairmanship position is Keith Ellison, five term congressman from Minnesota. Keith is a regular on Sunday morning talk shows and some news network panels. Keith views as one of his key strengths the fact that he is a successful black man who is a practicing Muslim. His contention is that because he is black and Muslim he better understands the plight of the none whites which he contends are the real backbone of the democrat party. He is seeking the chairmanship of the DNC because he believes the only way the democrats can win back the presidency and congress is to advocate for minorities at all levels of the government thus preventing discrimination against blacks, Hispanics, LGBT and other minorities. He apparently believes the Trump administration will actively discriminate against these minority groups.

While he has some endorsements, most notably Senator Bernie Sanders [who is not a democrat] for the chairman’s role I can’t determine if he will get the assignment but it is a real possibility he will.

His background and platform gives me cause to make a new interpretation of an old word, Minoritization. By making the party minority driven Keith believes it will be the basis for campaigns that will clearly identify the democrat party as the party of the minority and I believe he is correct. I believe that Keith Ellison as chairman of the Democrat Committee will in theory rename the committee power base the Minoritization Democrat Committee or the MDNC for short.

The MDNC will allow the democrat party to concentrate on gathering together the minority voters and ask for a block vote to recapture the congress the house and eventually the presidency.

When asked about the white non-college male blue color voters that contributed so much to Hillary’s loss he said on George Stephanopoulos’s Sunday morning show that he would welcome those non-college educated blue collar workers as long as they were union members.

If Keith is successful getting the chairmanship he should consider changing the title to MDNC reflecting the true power and direction of the democrat party, of course he may not win any elections in the immediate future but he will receive positive reviews from the left wing media and certain special interest organization seeking to make a name for themselves on the national front.

There may be a back lash from the Hispanic community because while they appreciate Keith’s dedication to the minority community they are well aware that they represent 17% of the U.S. population and are projected to be 20% in just three years. This would make them the largest minority population with blacks coming in at 13% and Muslim population at 1% of this country. It might be that the democrats in their rush to Minoritization of the democrat party will need to rethink which minority group will lead the party, a black Muslim or possibly one of the many prominent Hispanic’s currently in key federal or state offices. In any case the dilemma is the MDNC’s as they re-group to take over the governing of our country.