With the loss of the presidency, senate and house the democrat party finds itself in total disarray. The big hope is that the DNC can bring the party back to life. The big political prize at the moment is the chairmanship of the democrat National Committee. Clearly the leader for the DNC chairmanship position is Keith Ellison, five term congressman from Minnesota. Keith is a regular on Sunday morning talk shows and some news network panels. Keith views as one of his key strengths the fact that he is a successful black man who is a practicing Muslim. His contention is that because he is black and Muslim he better understands the plight of the none whites which he contends are the real backbone of the democrat party. He is seeking the chairmanship of the DNC because he believes the only way the democrats can win back the presidency and congress is to advocate for minorities at all levels of the government thus preventing discrimination against blacks, Hispanics, LGBT and other minorities. He apparently believes the Trump administration will actively discriminate against these minority groups.

While he has some endorsements, most notably Senator Bernie Sanders [who is not a democrat] for the chairman’s role I can’t determine if he will get the assignment but it is a real possibility he will.

His background and platform gives me cause to make a new interpretation of an old word, Minoritization. By making the party minority driven Keith believes it will be the basis for campaigns that will clearly identify the democrat party as the party of the minority and I believe he is correct. I believe that Keith Ellison as chairman of the Democrat Committee will in theory rename the committee power base the Minoritization Democrat Committee or the MDNC for short.

The MDNC will allow the democrat party to concentrate on gathering together the minority voters and ask for a block vote to recapture the congress the house and eventually the presidency.

When asked about the white non-college male blue color voters that contributed so much to Hillary’s loss he said on George Stephanopoulos’s Sunday morning show that he would welcome those non-college educated blue collar workers as long as they were union members.

If Keith is successful getting the chairmanship he should consider changing the title to MDNC reflecting the true power and direction of the democrat party, of course he may not win any elections in the immediate future but he will receive positive reviews from the left wing media and certain special interest organization seeking to make a name for themselves on the national front.

There may be a back lash from the Hispanic community because while they appreciate Keith’s dedication to the minority community they are well aware that they represent 17% of the U.S. population and are projected to be 20% in just three years. This would make them the largest minority population with blacks coming in at 13% and Muslim population at 1% of this country. It might be that the democrats in their rush to Minoritization of the democrat party will need to rethink which minority group will lead the party, a black Muslim or possibly one of the many prominent Hispanic’s currently in key federal or state offices. In any case the dilemma is the MDNC’s as they re-group to take over the governing of our country.

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