Pressure on Electoral College Electors

A friend of mine has been posted as one of Michigan’s Electoral College electors and has received numerous e-mails urging him to use his vote for Hillary Clinton. As you probably know that while the electors are supposed to vote for the candidate that won the state’s electoral college vote they are not required to do so. Of course historically electors do cast their vote as required by the voting results but I understand that in at least one case in past history the elector voted against wishes of the voters of his state but I don’t know what happened to that elector if anything. Meanwhile my friend the elector believes that this may be an organized effort by someone like George Soros since he has literally received 100’s of e-mails like the one below. Note I left the identity of the sender on the document so that if any reporters want to question this individuals motivations they can do so.

From: Gena Berglund
Date: November 14, 2016 at 6:34:05 PM EST
To: Gena Berglund
Subject: this unprecedented election

Hi, I am writing to you to ask you to reconsider your pledge as an elector in 2016.

It was with a heavy heart that I and countless other Americans watched the projected outcome of this election. We watched as a candidate endorsed by the KKK, supported by Neo-Nazis and the Alt-Right, secured a victory that few thought possible. Countless photos have been circulating the Internet of people in tears, looks of despair and hopelessness on their faces. These are not sore losers. These are people who now fear for their lives, as a Trump presidency validates the views of extremists.

This is not what our country should look like.

Donald Trump was never expected to make it as far as he did; polls and media outlets predicted an easy win for Hillary Clinton. Now we face the reality of seeing him in the White House and a large portion of America is in a panic. We’re protesting, volunteering, and rallying together, but we can’t do this alone. What I ask of you now is to reconsider your pledge.

A win for Trump goes beyond the battlefield of Republican versus Democrat. A win for Trump condones the behavior he has displayed over the course of his campaign. His insults toward women, his blatant mockery of the disabled, and his malicious attempts to spread fear and hatred of minorities—these are things that anyone with an ounce of decency understands to be wrong. Trump is living proof that there is no reason to be ashamed of hatred; he has made people believe that racism, sexism, Islamophobia, and homophobia are simply a byproduct of integrity.

In the days following his projected win, there have been accounts of swastika graffiti, black people being told to move to the back of the bus, Muslim women setting aside their hijabs in fear of their lives, individuals who once openly celebrated their sexuality going back into hiding, and men boasting that they can now “do whatever they want” to women. I can only imagine this behavior will worsen once he’s in the White House. Trump’s call for unity is too little too late after a campaign built upon degradation and fear mongering. The public has seen that not only is this behavior acceptable, but it can be rewarded with the highest position of power.

When it comes time to cast your vote, I urge you to consider the public’s opinion. Over half of the voters want to see Hillary Clinton in the White House, and due to an outdated system, the wants and needs of the American people are in danger of being misrepresented. Please do not allow this flawed system to guarantee a place for such a dangerous man in the White House.

Thank you for your time.

Gena Berglund
Saint Paul, Minnesota

It is clear the liberal/progressives are bitter but this may be carrying it a bit too far.

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