Draft Time

In major league sports it is the norm to start trading players or in some cases releasing a player at the end of a season. I think the same thing should apply for news casters and pundits. The presidential election is over, the congress is a lame duck session, what better time to make some trades and some cuts.

First let’s suggest a three-way trade, Megan Kelly to CNN with Anderson Cooper moving from CNN to full time at CBS. Anderson currently does segments on 60 Minutes and occasional specials. John Dickerson from CBS to Fox News to replace Megan Kelly, giving another liberal a chance on Fox with a greater likelihood of success because John is lower key and warmer than Kelly is.

Some releases; Joy Reid and Tamron Hall with Tamron being released from her role on The Today show as well. There is nothing NBC can do about Al Sharpton since he has a no cut contract with Comcast but keeping him on Sunday morning at 7 a.m. is a pretty good job of burying him although moving him to 6 a.m. is a consideration. Another consideration might be a trade of Martha Raddatz to CNN but she seems to be making a run at George Stephanopoulos on Sunday morning and I think she will knock him off. Of course George is secure in his ABC morning show unless Michael Strahan decides he just doesn’t like him in which case George will retire.

Look there are a lot more trades and releases to consider like Chuck Todd if he doesn’t choose to run the DNC or dumping the entire “With All Due Respect” team on MSNBC. Actually I’d rather read your recommendations for trades and terminations. Write me at my e-mail address, teamo1000@att.net and let me know what your selections you have made for trade or release. Generally mainstream media is a candidate for the swamp cleaning the President elect has suggested for the Washington political elite.

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