Be careful of “Our Revolution”

Bernie Sanders marshalled 22 million votes in the primary as a serious challenge to Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president in 2016. Bernie was to bring together a primarily younger disenchanted group of people who for the most part have never voted, either because they were too young or just couldn’t be bothered. This group was also peppered with different races and ethnic backgrounds, the proverbial mixing bowl that America is best known for. Bernie’s message was magic; take back the ideals of America from the politicians and press for benefits that help the lower income and middle class families. At 75 Bernie would have been the oldest U.S. president ever elected and yet his strength and support comes from young potential voters. There were and are other supporters, all frustrated by the bog known as the Washington swamp. It’s simple, the administration, any administration in Washington seems to be unable to enact laws or for that matter implement laws that benefit the “every man” we so frequently reference when complaining about how slow our government is to make effective and efficient changes in the process. Somehow Bernie was and still is able to communicate with his ideas for a new world of political freedom.

It is not unreasonable to believe that Bernie will be a major force in the democrat parties plans for 2018 and later. Of course before this goes too far remember who and what Bernie is.

First Bernie is not now and only for one actual election before the 2016 presidential race been a democrat. He is and has always been a socialist. If you followed his Website, you would also know that before four years ago he was according to his own words a communist. Bernie is a native Brooklyn New York and raised in a modest neighborhood filled with liberal organizations and socially driven community groups. Bernie maintained his socialist values and until four years ago when he dropped his references as a communist advocated a type of political overthrow of the U.S. government.

Bernie success with the democrat party primary in this election has given him hope that he will be able to mold a new group, more than a splinter group, a whole new movement. Two days after the presidential election was decided by Hillary’s concession call to Donald Trump Bernie announce to his 22 million plus supporters that he has started a new registered movement called “Our Revolution.” This is an actual organization or at least Bernie intends it to be. In his first communications seeking support from his 22 million base he was surprised to see very little support, financially or otherwise. He has quietly regrouped seeking a new strategy to motivate his 22-million-person base but he hasn’t given up the “Our Revolution” organization.

Let me suggest that before you sign up for “Our Revolution” and that nice old man Bernie Sanders take a look at what he represents and wants for your country.

Bernie wants to implement a program that eliminates income inequality, an advocate of democrat socialism, looks to Nordic model of social democracy, tuition-free universities, reducing or eliminating student debt, document 11 million immigrates, 15$ minimum wage plus overtime for part-time workers. Of course the problem with Bernie’s ambitious plans is he has no practical way to pay for them.

The liberal left is the most vulnerable right now, defeated by a populist candidate after expecting the “old reliable” to stay in power. Democrats know they have to do something “different” but they just don’t know what it is. We must hope that they don’t fall for the “Our Revolution” organization or any part of the feel happy plans Bernie is advocating. Simply stated socialism doesn’t and hasn’t worked in any part of the world and it won’t work here.

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