Screaming and Kicking

It is clear that the media hates the Trump win of the presidential race and the conservative wins in governor’s races and state house contests. They are making it clear as they are dragged screaming and kicking into the Trump administration that they will do everything they can to picture the Trump movement as a failure.

A good example is the coverage of the Carrier Air-conditioning job savings effort by Trump and Pence. CBS reported a savings of 700 to 800 jobs with questionable actions taken or promised by the Trump administration. The actual number of jobs saved according to Carrier is 1143 but CBS clearly tried to minimize the effect of Trump and Pence in saving jobs. On “Meet the Press” Chuck Todd in an interview with Mike Pence repeatedly said; but there are 700 hundred jobs being lost. After the fourth time Chuck repeated his point that 700 hundred jobs were being lost Mike said; well you can look at the glass as half empty or you can look at it as half full. Mike went on to say that he and Donald looked at the Carrier as the right step in saving American jobs. On MSNBC the majority of references to the Carrier job savings effort was a “few hundred jobs” saved with questionable actions taken to save those jobs. On ABC the report was near “1000 jobs” with questionable promises made by Trump and Pence to get Carrier to keep those jobs in the U.S.

The point is that the media is going to do anything it can to denigrate Trump administration efforts to rebuild our economy. The danger is that if the media continues to slant the news against Trump it will over time have a negative effect on the administration’s efforts to build a positive government plan to bring us out of the doldrums. Of course it is also possible that the public learned during the 2016 presidential campaign that the press was prejudged in favor of Hillary and the democrats and they have discounted any consideration of the press being objective, isn’t that a shame?!

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