It makes sense

Howard Schultz, self-made billionaire and Starbucks longtime chairman and CEO stepped down as chief executive of the company. Speculation is that his intentions are to run for the democrat nomination for president in 2020.

It makes sense because he has demonstrated his global marketing skills [a basic belief of the democrat party as the future of this country] with Starbucks and has been fairly vocal in his support of the democrat party by donations and offerings in the editorial column of the New York Times.

Howard is acknowledged as a very smart man and he will probably spend the next two years building his election team and watching as his fellow democrats try to figure out what are the issues that will appeal to the many splinter groups that the party seems to represent or want to represent in today’s and tomorrow’s political world. It will be interesting to see who the party picks for DNC chair because it is clear that the special interest groups are determined to have their say and share of political and economic power.

The new power base for the democrat party appears to be the black, Hispanic, Muslim, LGBT and youth movement. I don’t believe the democrat party realized what they were doing when they tried to appeal to these individual groups as a collective power for the 2016 election. It will be a challenge for Howard to put together a marketing plan that does appeal to all of these groups.

It is hard to tell if Howard will need to undergo a personality transplant to shake his “big corporate” look. He does not have the advantage of being half black and half white that carried Obama so well along with a smooth speaking style.

Best guess is that Howard will lay low as the 2018 mid-term elections occur. Democrats have several national offices up for reelection and with the conservative’s showing such strength in 2016 the results in 2018 will help Howard develop his best marketing plan. Keep an eye on him for the 2020 presidential election.

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