Inauguration Day

While I won’t be attending the Trump inauguration today I am recalling my attendance of the second swearing in ceremony of George Bush. My business partner was a larger contributor to the Michigan Republican party and to the George Bush re-election campaign and he insisted that I should go to the event with he and his wife as his guest. It was spectacular, we stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown, had a chauffeur driven limo for the entire weekend and tickets to two of the balls that celebrated the Bush re-election. We saw and shared small talk with national politicians and a few mid-level movie actors. We visited all of the major landmarks [I had seen them all except one before and still enjoyed seeing them again] but I was especially moved by the Arlington National Cemetery, the Vietnam Wall and the new [then] World War ll Memorial.

The Republican party provided all kinds of souvenirs but one was especially fun, my bed pillows had embroidered on them the “facts” about the inauguration and we were encouraged to take those pillow cases home. I decided to send them to a cousin of mine in Ohio who is an extremely loyal Democrat and really hated Bush [as many people did]. She told me she would put the pillowcases in some garage sale and whatever proceeds derived from the sale would be contributed to the Democrat party…….to me that was capitalism in its’ finest form.