Are you tired yet?

I know I’m tired of everyone bombarding me with their Political point of view, usually laced with substantial anger. Recently I had a communication from a friend notifying me that he was no longer going to use Facebook because his purpose in having Facebook was to stay in touch with friends and instead he was getting angry political rhetoric. He said he gets enough angry political talk from the daily news shows. It occurred to me as I read the responses to my friend’s declaration of no longer using Facebook [almost all in agreement with his decision] that a lot of people are tired of the anger, fake stories and pontificating.

If you are like me and are tired of the unending negative news and anger why not consider boycotting the news programs not unlike the boycott of the Oscars, send a signal that you are tired of all the BS and want a return to civil discourse and rational observation.

The bell has been rung

The bell has been rung

When Bernie Sanders lost the democrat presidential primary race for 2016 he immediately filed for a new organization called “Our Revolution.” Bernie was counting on the supporters he had during the primary campaign donating 7-10 dollars per person to support his campaign theme defeating what he calls economic inequality. When he announced the “Our Revolution” he sought donations once again from his supporter list and was very surprised to find little enthusiasm for donating to his new organization. He also had in essence a staff revolution with top management of his group suggesting that as a 501-c3 he would be able to acquire donations from big donors like George Soros without declaring them. His staff felt this was in conflict with the basic appeal for Bernie. In any case his staff suggested they would have legal questions to face once the political action committee known as “Our Revolution” starts to collect donations.

To Bernie’s credit he was not discouraged by the lack of financial enthusiasm for his new committee from the very people that almost gave him the democrat nomination for the 2016 U.S. Presidential race. What he is doing is making a very smart and a legitimate effort to take over the Democrat party and direct it to his number one cause economic inequality. His first step was to try and get Keith Ellison elected head of the democrat national committee. While he failed to achieve this goal, he did see Keith become deputy chair of the DNC and he will go a long way toward selling the Bernie/Warren agenda. Next and more importantly he is providing booklets and pamphlets with instructions and in some cases field agents on how to legally disrupt town hall/state conferences to express their opposition to Trump policies and support of a politically correct federal government agenda. He has provided the financial support and will continue to do so because he is correct, the democrat party needs to regain elected offices at the local and state level. Bernie recognizes that the governorships, state house seats and local elected offices across the country lost by the Democrat party over the last eight years are killing the party’s national ambitions.

When I say; the bell has been rung that is what I’m talking about, Bernie is mounting a very smart plan for education and activation at the street level to “sell” the fight against what Bernie believes is the bad guy in U.S. politics, economic inequality.

At this point I would like to address Bernie’s philosophy. You need to remember that Bernie is a socialist and communist. I can say Bernie is a communist because three years ago he declared himself a communist on his website. Some of his supporters suggested that while they understand his socialist stand on key issues [the heart by the way of the left movement in the Democrat party] the communist label might not play well in middle America and so he took it down from his website. Still his philosophy is a mix of socialism and communism governed by a basic belief that all people will work hard for the good of the many without consideration for personal goals and objectives. The truth is humans no matter where they live are individuals with family and personal goals and that is at odds with the socialist philosophy of all for the common needs. You only need to look around the world and visit history to understand that communism and socialism has not and will not work. Witness Venezuela today and it’s socialist/communist government in almost total failure.

A reasonable question might be why does the Democrat party have to work so hard to regain local/state elected offices? I believe the Democrat party has slipped into a politically correct syndrome. I mean that subjects like bathroom choice, transgender wrestling issues, environmental issues and such fall down the scale of importance when you consider citizens need full time jobs, health insurance they can actually use, and afford, border security and ways to get their mid-twenties children to move out!

Having made the observation about a politically correct agenda Bernie is right on target with his education program and instructions on how to become relevant in town hall/state conference meetings. Still in the final analysis he will have to develop a list of issues that have everyday appeal beyond his mantra economic inequality.