Did you notice?

Yesterday was April 17,2017 and if you didn’t notice it was the eight eighth day in Trump Administration. It was also the first day the mainstream media did not lead their news reporting with a negative story about Donald Trump! Now don’t misunderstand me, the media did list the tax march [calling for President Trump’s tax releases] at about the fifth story but even that story was treated as more of a report than the mainstream media’s standard process of a position statement.

I wonder if this is the beginning of a calmer, more factual reporting process of the administration? It is possible helped by the forceful foreign policy positions taken by Trump that are well received by our allies and noted by our countries enemies.

Of course, the lame stream media is still hanging their hopes for a Trump defeat on the special elections in Georgia and that could happen. Further since everyone knows the media is solidly in the “Dump Donald” camp they will continue to beat the “he can’t pass health care” drum. They will tout the probable failure of the tax reduction plan, still the headlines are not a Trump failure story, maybe there is hope for fair and honest reporting, maybe……. I think not.

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