Tendentious News Media

There is no question that the mainstream news media is on a quest to destroy the Trump administration and every program he has endorsed. The point is that without ever having a meeting the press has been able to co-ordinate headlines with a common theme, Trump is unreliable, poorly educated in the rules of governing and unethical. The polls they reference [with no verification of their authenticity] show a steady erosion of support by the American people of the Trump agenda and in some cases numbers that say Republicans are solidly against Trump.

It would appear the mainstream media woke up from the election and stated the obvious; we didn’t control the outcome of the 2016 election. However, in this case the Trump team does not represent anything the press could possibly like. Trump does not feel the press needs to be notified on pending legislation, executive orders or policy changes before the public is told of his goals and intentions. Time and again we hear the news media say; what is Trump’s strategy with a particular foreign government and in some cases what will be the tactics in dealing with a foreign power opposed to our countries existence. It isn’t just in foreign policy but domestic issues where they demand the details on tax cuts, health care decisions and social issues related to violations of our immigration laws. No matter how little or how much information the Trump administration gives the news media they can turn it into a negative and they do. There is something else that really bothers me, the hatred and disdain the news media feels from the Trump ideas is the kind of feelings you get from an individual or group when they are filled with fear and panic from something or someone they can’t understand. I must admit they have been to a degree successful in the first hundred days of the Trump administration in sowing mistrust, doubt and fear in the publics minds. It would also appear that even when Trump is successful with a program or project the news media attempts to minimize the effect like the Supreme Court appointment of Neil Gorsuch. The one thing that seems certain is the news media must destroy the Trump “idea,” that his administration can have the support of the people with concepts that run counter to global governing and social programs supported by the state that can enslave the public with the “free” aspect of these services. Witness the effects of Obamacare with services that the federal government must provide and in five short years with the drum beat of the news media the public is demanding those services continue no matter how much it will cost the public in taxes and importantly the quality of the health services.

The only hope for stopping the tendentious news media’s campaign against the Trump administration is time and success. I noted in another article I wrote that it wasn’t until the 88th day of the Trump administration that the lead story in the news media was not about another Trump “mistake.” I would suspect that in spite of the news media if the Trump team has some small successes and with the aid of time they, the news media will inadvertently let slip those successes. The public which demonstrated in the 2016 election that they could see through the news media prejudice may slowly regroup behind the efforts of the Trump administration to regain our leadership on the international front while making America great again on the domestic front. The problem is we don’t know how long this may take.

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