The Press is Frustrated

President Trump gave an excellent speech today in Saudi Arabia. The press was frustrated as they tried to find something to criticize about the President’s performance. One member of the Face the Nation panel on CBS said he didn’t use the term Islamic terrorist and this was a major deviation from his campaign statements about Islam. Allow me to quote directly from the President’s speech as stated by Haaretz,“That means honestly confronting the crisis of Islamist extremism and the Islamist terror groups it inspires. And it means standing together against the murder of innocent Muslims, the oppression of women, the persecution of Jews, and the slaughter of Christians.” Pretty clear to me but not what the lame stream media wants to hear.

Raju Shartri

As one of my readers Raju responded to my article “Australia Speaks” highlighting Morning Joe on MSNBC’s efforts to destroy the Trump administration. I thought others might want to read his comments.

As a first generation immigrant, I have sensed that no matter which party occupies the WH, the citizenry loses in the party’s rhetoric after a couple of terms, three tops.  Out there in many countries that I have lived in, the common man’s wisdom says American foreign policy does not really change, regardless of which party is in power.

One of my readers responded to my article, Australia

What I have not yet concluded is whether that is because the political parties overdo their preaching because they believe in it, or whether it is their desperate search for a unique selling proposition that makes them progressively pursue stridency in their rhetoric.  As a consequence the political discourse becomes more shrill than enlightening.

Whatever happened to the qualities like common sense, pragmatism and sanity, not to mention dedication to hard and smart work that made America special to the rest of the world?

Trump’s campaign came as a breath of fresh air to me, in a way paradoxically, because he refused to apologize for America’s traditional values that had impressed me as a young man.

And it seemed hypocritical when the mainstream media harped on his “wash room” confession while never referring to Bill Clinton’s Oval Office adventures and misuse of his official high position for his sexapades.
Given the promiscuity of the 1960s that went on to challenge the notions of old fashioned morality and has almost become a norm (if one is to believe hollywood, and every stand up comedian who cannot complete a sentence without a four letter word) such holier than thou stand by the liberals stinks.

Regards … Raju

Raju Shastri

Australia Speaks

This morning [5/5/17] Morning Joe, MSNBC continued it slanted coverage of Donald Trump’s policies. One of the guests on the show was the Australian Ambassador to the United States, Joe Hockey who was questioned about President’s Trump’s election victory and questioning whether or not Australia could work with the President of the U.S. given his policies. Ambassador Hockey shut the mouths of Mika and Joe [not on the same set with each other] when he said that what caused Trump’s win was a discontent with what has gone on in the past and his people realized the president policies were popular in this country and that similar movements were occurring around the world. The silence by the anchors and the panel was deafening.

Barry’s gone

Have you ever considered how much a name influences our thinking and acting process? JFK and FDR immediately jump to mind because of the actions and stands they took or we believed they acted upon. There are others of course, Cesar, Ali. MLK, Hitler, Rocky well you get the idea, there can be a lot of power in a name. Consequently, when I say Barry’s gone it might not seem as significant as the other names I have mentioned. Even Cassius Clay doesn’t mean as much to the world as Muhammed Ali did. Ali represented something, someone to respect because of his sports successes and to fear because of the mystery to the average person behind a Muslim name, or the Islamic religion. There was the clear threat of violence with the Muslim name Cassius had chosen to adopt coupled with the rebellion against our country’s laws regarding military service in this country.

You might ask the question; what does this little commentary on names have to do with the title of this article, Barry’s gone? First I would like to make the point that the individual I’m referencing was known most often to his friends and political acquaintances as Barry, a seemingly innocuous and somewhat common name. Actually, Barry was just that, innocuous until political handlers who saw his potential got a hold of him and gave back his original name. A handsome young man, articulate and of mixed race in a time of emerging political correctness Barry became Barrack Hussein Obama. Due to world events his political advisors quickly had him drop Hussein from his stage name and went with Barrack Obama. The name inferred mystery, fear of his Muslim ties and potential power. Of course, to his closest friends and confidents he remains just plain Barry.

The first hundred days of Trump not withstanding Barry is gone and if you call him Barry and allow his goals and objective of a community organizer to come through you can see he wasn’t as scary as his stage name would imply but the damage he inflicted on our country was and is frightening.