University of Michigan Football

As a fan and supporter of U of M football let me start by saying we began our demise with in state rivals, Michigan State by fumbling. The fumble changed the momentum of the game and was followed by quarterback panic and further basic mistakes in playing the game of football. The reason I and I’m sure other supporters of this team are exasperated by these failings is that the U of M team has every resource they could want in their arsenal. The school has money, reputation, staff and talent access, still we fail. In essence our loss to MSU has finished our season. We will lose one and possibly two more games before our meeting with the Ohio State University. This leaves us with the chance to play spoiler against OSU, an empty victory if it occurs since all we will be able to do is sink another big 10 team from national championship competition.

The fault lies with our coach, Harbaugh and his obsession with 6’ 6” quarterbacks. O’Korn couldn’t go through the progression on pass plays and panicked on virtually every play that called for calm, rationale decision making. Unfortunately, Speight was no better in his performance before he suffered injuries. I was a big supporter of bringing Harbaugh in because I wanted discipline, something that had seemed to slip away with previous coaches. I was wrong and Jim needs to take his 25 million from the university and go away. Maybe we should hire Washington State coach Mike Leach and let him find a fast, agile, thinking quarterback with killer linemen and fast as the wind receivers. In any case, we are facing another three years of rebuilding, meanwhile many talented football players will have wasted their time and talent with a team that will not will a Big 10 championship let alone a national championship!