Shame on me

Like many other people I joined Facebook, tweeter and other communication services as a way to interact with friends in states far away from my new home in Texas. Some of my friends are “usurers’” of Facebook on a daily basis. One of my friends sent an innocuous looking surveys and games to participate in. Generally speaking I don’t do surveys or games but a couple were cute like; what would you be doing now if you had changed your major in school. In any case I only filled out a couple of the surveys and as I said at the start of this piece, shame on me. You see until Sunday night I didn’t know that these surveys in some cases were being used to gather demographic information for plotting and planning political strategies. So, shame on me for participating but and it is a big but I didn’t realize until watching Homeland Sunday night and watching the producer at the end of the show explaining how and why these social media tools were being used by research firms to solicit political action groups with valuable information. What really upset me was that I found out that when the info from these surveys and games were gathered it also means similar information could be gathered from all of the friends and relatives I communicate with on Facebook. This means that people like me are exposing my own family and friends to what I consider illegal search and seizure. I guess it is too bad that I signed up for Facebook in the beginning and probably tweeter as well. In any case I suggest that my friends and relatives are very careful in participation of surveys or any communications via Facebook with me or other friends or relatives lest you feed the political parties interested in acquiring your vote on key national, state or local interests.

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