Tillerson termination

Recently a friend wrote me questioning the stability of our President based on his erratic tweets and most specifically his change of his executive staff.  I told my friend I viewed the President’s actions in a slightly different fashion.  I believe it is possible that Donald can blow it but because of his basic policies; tax reduction, regulation relief, tighter boarder control, trade balance, pride in our country it is best for us if he succeeds in his program.  The changes in personnel is as I see it not a reflection of their performance but rather getting someone that is in sync with his goals and objectives.  This is not unlike what I experience with Coke, GE and Chrysler/Mercedes management.  It was not unusual for well informed and good performing people to fall to the axe because they were at odds with the leaders polices or pursuing his or her own agenda.  The results, one or the other gets fired.  Donald chooses to not accept the idea that congress is in any way a partner but rather sees them as a recalcitrant board of directors filled with weak sisters that he believes he can eventually get rid of or mold to his goals and objectives. Like I said, Donald can blow it but the country needs to view things through a lens not colored by a politically correct press reporting process.  America first is not a politically incorrect statement even though the press is trying to sell it as a “hayseed statement for unsophisticated mid country voters who shouldn’t vote!” [from a recent blog.]  Trying to make people ashamed of supporting their country is not a winning formula but it is at least in part a basic liberal tenant of being PC.  Donald doesn’t care one way or another about the politically correct force just about getting the economy back on course, gaining better balance on the trade deficit and most of all being lauded by the voters as “their guy.”

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