Ping Pong

I’m certain my liberal friends are expecting a rant from me on the budget or national debt issue but to me that is not as urgent as this first day of the ACA.

While it is true that only nine states have insurance exchanges in place and The United Way which accepted an almost six million dollar contract from the ACA to implement the ACA in North Texas has decided not to honor that contract. True we receive daily reports from individuals about increased costs even though the mainstream media is doing its darnedest to sugar coat the “glitches” showing up in ACA I don’t think it is a time to panic.

Actually the time to panic should have been about three years ago when the law was passed. It seems that the American citizen is lethargic at best and grossly ignorant at worst about the impact of this major change in our government policies. These are policies that will affect the lives of our children and children’s children.

However let us sit back and watch the ACA in action and let’s give them the six months to be vested even if not fully vested before we make any judgment. Of course it will be hard to find out the truth with major mainstream media outlets like NBC announcing they will help “the government sell the ACA to young people. Still we should be able to discern the success or failure of the ACA in March 2014.

Another delay in services but not in tax payment

Last Friday the Obama administration announced the delay in the requirement for individuals applying for federal aid in acquiring health insurance for the year 2014. Delayed until 2015 is the requirement to provide proof of what specifically the company you are working for provides you in terms of health care insurance. You are still required to provide the state insurance exchange [which does not exist in 30 states and HHS has indicated will not be ready for October 1, 2013 registration date] your annual income.

It is important to remember that you are already paying special taxes for Medicare and more importantly Medicaid health insurance services. Here is an article from the New York Times in December of 2012.
New Taxes to Take Effect to Fund Health Care Law
Published: December 8, 2012 New York Times
To help finance Medicare, employees and employers each now pay a hospital insurance tax equal to 1.45 percent on all wages. Starting in January 2013, the health care law will require workers to pay an additional tax equal to 0.9 percent of any wages over $200,000 for single taxpayers and $250,000 for married couples filing jointly.
The new taxes on wages and investment income are expected to raise $318 billion over 10 years, or about half of all the new revenue collected under the health care law.
Ruth M. Wimer, a tax lawyer at McDermott Will & Emery, said the taxes came with “a shockingly inequitable marriage penalty.” If a single man and a single woman each earn $200,000, she said, neither would owe any additional Medicare payroll tax. But, she said, if they are married, they would owe $1,350. The extra tax is 0.9 percent of their earnings over the $250,000 threshold.

The point is you are paying now for services that have already been called into doubt by delays from the administration. HHS is not ready to implement this very complex 20,000 page health care law incorrectly name the Affordable Care Act.

ACA changes

I’m sure that most people expect me to go on at length about the ACA implementation delays but that is not my message today. Please understand that this “delay” in Obamacare for large businesses has nothing to do with individual rules that kick in January of 2014. You will still as individuals need to make a selection for what kind of health insurance you are going to select from the non-existent state exchanges by October of this year. You as individuals will be subject to penalties where they apply and in any case it is almost certain you will pay more for your individual health insurance plans than you currently pay, and if you don’t currently have any health insurance god help you! One other thing to consider if you are in your own business; the government is revisiting the idea that if you keep employees from working thirty hours or less you don’t have to provide insurance. The government is going to examine each of your employees and if they are “considered” by the government as full time even though they only work thirty hours they will be eligible for insurance at your expense or you will pay the twenty five hundred dollars penalty

Health Care Confusion Reigns

So reads the story form the AP in today’s paper. You have got to be kidding me, I along with many others both in the mainstream media and bloggers have said for a year and a half ACA is a rats nest of unexplained costs, wavers that will exceed the twenty seven thousand pages in the original ACA draft.

Wake up America, you will be facing the new higher costs, restrictions on corporate health care insurance, penalties and as the President described in his press conference yesterday “glitches and problems you have in any government program,” something we have been warning against from the inception of Obamacare. Please start-paying attention, don’t wait until October to find out what your options are and what issues you must face. Talk with your company insurance if you had that service or contact HHS and provide them with specific information about you health care needs. You will be surprised.

Dem Challenges Sebelius

For more than two years I have along with many others smarter than me predicted that the American public, according to many polls found Obamacare offensive and suspicious. During the last year I’ve written several articles outlining the impending financial disaster Obamacare or the misnamed Affordable Care Act represents.

Kathleen Sebelius on the other hand has predicted with absolute certainty that the ACA will be implemented on time with material costs savings to the public and open the door to 30 million citizens receiving affordable health care for the first time.

Max Baucus Senate Finance Committee Chairman said
“I just see a huge train wreck coming down” and he told Sebulius “you need to fix this.” Max is the first democrat to question the implementation of ACA in public and it is important because he is up for re-election in 2014 and he was a major supporter and writer of the Obamacare plan when it was introduced. He will not be the last democrat to express doubts about ACA and while Sebulius tries to blame the Republicans all the nation knows there is no Republican hand on the rudder of Obamacare.

Enroll America

Have you heard of Enroll America? You probably haven’t heard of this organization just like you probably haven’t absorbed the fact that the ACA is here and the mechanics or devil in the details begins now! Enroll America is an Obama created coalition of healthcare providers and advocates, with the emphasis on advocates planning a multi-million-dollar campaign of social media and paid advertising to get people who don’t have health insurance to sign up for ACA participation. Former White House official Anne Filipic is heading the organization.

I draw attention to this organization because Treasury department spokesperson Sabrina Siddiqui points out that “October 1, each state will have a marketplace up and running where consumers can choose a private health insurance plan that fits their health needs and budget.” Right, of course there is a small problem, states are not putting these so called health insurance exchanges in place and the federal government is so far behind in creating these exchanges that they will probably be delayed until 2015. Some might say that’s good because they can avoid Obamacare, not so fast. Even if implementation of the program is delayed your taxes and penalties will not be delayed. The Obama administration is serious about collecting the funds whether or not the ACA program is fully activated.

One example of the government’s seriousness about implementation is their effort to stop some companies who have asked their health insurance companies to have all polices for their employees renewed at the end of 2013 causing the insurance to delay the ACA implementations for at least one year. The Obama administration says this action could under mind the ACA. No kidding, doesn’t the administration get the message, companies and individuals are trying to avoid the increased costs of ACA and the constraints on their health insurance coverage. If you haven’t got the message maybe this will help, it is here and by September of 2013 you’ll be notified of your financial responsibilities by the federal government and you’ll be looking for a way to pay “your fair share” of ACA costs.

I know what will make Obamacare work

The Associated Press in a recent article says that Representative Jan Schakowsky, Democrat from Illinois indicates ACA will be popular “once Americans see how it works” she goes on to say “they are going to love it much like Medicare.”

However if you go further into the article AP acknowledges that health care costs are going to go up. They point that there is a challenge for the administration, it is new participants in Obamacare. AP says, “They need lots of healthy & Young as well as passive & unengaged to offset the higher costs of covering the sick and the worried.”

I don’t disagree with AP but I question whether or not the young and healthy are going to go into a system when most of them don’t believe they need health care or for that matter they will ever get sick. Further I can’t think of any group that is more “passive & unengaged ‘ than young people. I do agree with AP that if the administration doesn’t get these people Obamacare will fail. However the failure will not occur before it costs American citizens over the age of thirty five tens of millions of dollars in the form of penalties imposed by the Obama administration plus outrageous health care insurance rates.