Above my pay grade

One of the least published government actions and possibly one of the most important is the consideration by the FCC of a request by Comcast [sometimes called Kabletown] to acquire Time Warner Cable. We are talking about billions of dollars and more importantly the acquisition of TWC could spell the virtual monopoly of telecasting, Internet access and news/ program content. Note that Comcast owns NBC Universal including local TV stations and national cable services MSNBC and CNBC has not covered this major merger as a news issue supposedly because their parent Comcast does not want this acquisition to become a major news story with the attendant public debate.

The issues are complex and as I say about my pay grade level but I believe “The Economist” covers the issue well in their October 4th-10th 2014 issue. Read the story and draw your own conclusions but do learn about this proposed acquisition and realize it can have a direct affect on you and your family and friends.