What should we look for?

What should we look for?

In virtually every conversation I have, each lunch or party I attend the frustration with our government by the majority of our citizens is palpable. Even those on the “other side of the isle” of my personal political point of view share a hatred of the word and its meaning, politician. The one problem that keeps emerging is what to do about these frustrations and disappointments. The most common statement I heard is; I know things are wrong in our government I just don’t know what to do about it. Do we need a revolution and if so what would justify the uprising. My response used to be; vote for or against proposals at the local level and candidates at the state and national level. Recently I revisited my thinking process making changes in propositions or candidates isn’t enough we need to do more.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to ask my fellow citizens to form a position on key issues, take a look at what they want for themselves, their children and grand children. By want I mean; what laws, rules, economic objectives, social issues are important to you and how do you want them address by the governing bodies at the local, state and national levels?

Addressing this introspection is not easy and I suspect based on recent local, state and national elections personality plays a more important role than addressing these key issues.

My observation is that the problems we faced today are really an outgrowth of our lack of concern as citizens for the last twenty or more years. Whether we like it or not we will have to form a position reflecting our wants and needs before we can activity support issues or candidate.

I’m urging my fellow citizens to address the introspection issues I identified, take your time and arrive at logical conclusions and pursue your conclusions by support government laws and the people who are going to carry them out as you wish in each and every local, state and national election. If you take this step you will feel less frustration and more confidence in supporting beliefs that reflect your considerable considerations of all major issues.