Caught in the turmoil of Political News

It was in all the papers but you might have missed it as you tried to follow the blame game about the budget shutdown. The news was that thanks to Snowden’s release of NSA documents it has now been confirmed that NSA is tracking AMERICAN CITIZENS social media activity to establish who we associating with, our travel plans and who we travel with. Note this has nothing to do with foreign citizens activity in their native countries or in the USA.

During a press interview with Jay Carney an interview primarily about the budget battle Chuck Todd political analysis for NBC and resident kiss up to the Obama administration asked Jay a question about the most recent Snowden release. Jay refused to answer the questions as they were put to him. He quoted the standard line from the White House about international security. Finally Chuck said; why won’t you tell us why the NSA is engaged in tracking U.S. citizens social media activity when just a couple of weeks ago you told us that the NSA was not doing that. Jay responded with; I’m not going to discuss our intelligence activities on foreign citizens and Chuck just about blew a gasket saying; you mean you are going to give us the same old saw that the NSA doesn’t do the things we are told they do until there is another release from Snowden proving the government is doing just that. Jay repeated the White House mantra on policy that of course flies in the face of continuing Snowden’s releases. I think Chuck was angry because at least he realizes that this invasion on our citizen’s privacy may only be the tip of the iceberg. Eventually it may reach epic levels of invasion of privacy that might give the IRS, Homeland Security and other government agencies access to U.S. citizens for the purpose of criminal investigation, tax evasion, association with potential enemies of the state and other unknown intrusions into the average citizens life. Let’s do something about it, make some noise, write your congressman/woman, tweet the networks and other government agencies and tell them of your concern, email friends and family and make them aware of your concern. Ask them in turn to let their congressional representatives know of their desire to stop this invasion by the government of our privacy.