Ping Pong

I’m certain my liberal friends are expecting a rant from me on the budget or national debt issue but to me that is not as urgent as this first day of the ACA.

While it is true that only nine states have insurance exchanges in place and The United Way which accepted an almost six million dollar contract from the ACA to implement the ACA in North Texas has decided not to honor that contract. True we receive daily reports from individuals about increased costs even though the mainstream media is doing its darnedest to sugar coat the “glitches” showing up in ACA I don’t think it is a time to panic.

Actually the time to panic should have been about three years ago when the law was passed. It seems that the American citizen is lethargic at best and grossly ignorant at worst about the impact of this major change in our government policies. These are policies that will affect the lives of our children and children’s children.

However let us sit back and watch the ACA in action and let’s give them the six months to be vested even if not fully vested before we make any judgment. Of course it will be hard to find out the truth with major mainstream media outlets like NBC announcing they will help “the government sell the ACA to young people. Still we should be able to discern the success or failure of the ACA in March 2014.